Let your property to TSL Property Ltd. in 5 hours*
1 Rent Estimate
One of our local experts will meet you at your property and give you an accurate rent estimate.
2 Consider Company Let
Our experts will explain to you in detail the essence of our company let agreement.
3 Receiving an Offer
Based on the rental estimate of your property we will give you an offer.
4 Offer Agreed
Once we have reached agreement, we will draw a contract.
5 Let Completed
We will sign the contract and you will receive a payment in your account within 1 hour.
* subject to the particulars of your property it could take from as little as 5 hours up to 2 weeks.
See what our partners have to say about us

"I've been with TSL Property since the inception of the company in 2007. Since then I've never had a single day of void period and I’m enjoying a hassle-free rental income."

Vijay Goel

"TSL Property has always demonstrated professionalism and responsibility with regards to my properties. On top of that, I've saved a lot of money by partnering with them."

Faruk Uddin

"I am pleased to say that TSL Property has exceeded my expectations. They have always kept my property in the best condition possible and I've always received my rent on time."

Richard Adu